Thursday, 30 July 2015

Parsnip, Pancetta & Parmesan Tagliatelle

If I was going to make myself in the Sims 4 I would definitely have the 'Foodie' trait. I love me some gooood food. But nothing speaks to my soul more than Italian food. Pizza and pasta, they just sing to me on a deeply spiritual level like nothing else, and fill my belly with love! So here, dear readers, I am to enrich your lives with one of my all time favourite pasta dishes. A plateful of heavenly parsnip, pancetta, parmesan and tagliatelle brought to by the cooking high lord that is Jamie Oliver. This recipe is wonderfully indulgent, definitely for a night off from the diet, but it's also incredibly fast to make! 
It only really takes as long as the tagliatelle takes to cook (plus the bit of prep before hand). Yay!

Thinking back, I think this was the first meal I cooked for my boyfriend Carl out of one of my Mum's recipe books (almost 5 years ago, Christ on a bike!). I recently went hunting for the recipe online and was so happy to find it here
It's actually a really lovely recipe to cook for your significant other; it's just rich enough to feel like your really spoiling them. Then parsnip is a slightly unusual ingredient not often seen outside of a Sunday roast so you get some 'outside the box' points; plus the fact it's so quick leaves with you with plenty of time for other evening activities (... such as just lying horizontal on the sofa in a heavenly food coma?!?)

The recipe is SUPER easy to follow so go check out the link and give it a go! The recipe doesn't say but I found it convenient to prep your ingredients first, then start cooking your tagliatelle and while that's bubbling away get cracking with the parsnip and pancetta, it doesn't take long.
The only other comment on the recipe is that I've never managed to do with a sprig of fresh herb, only because I've never had any to hand. But I have found that a sprinkle from a jar of mixed herbs does the job just fine. Also the measurements are fairly vague on the amount of butter and parmesan to add so it's just personal preference, and how naughty your feeling that day. I've cooked this meal with generous amounts of both and with a more stingy quantity and it was still beautiful both times.
Just writing this post is making me hungry for it! *droooolll*

I'd love to know if anyone does cook up this delectable pasta dish, so leave me a comment to let me know how you get on! And I'd just like to thank the wonderful Jamie Oliver, without whom this beautiful meal would not be in my life and consequentially stopping me from dropping a jeans size!


  1. This looks so good! Will Definitely have to make that for Josh :)
    I tagged you in my 8 Photo's of Happiness post by the way! Your turn :P xxx

    1. Ooo let me know how you get on!
      Hope you like it :) :)
      Oh noes! I missed that one,
      I'll go check it out
      Thankyouuu <3