Friday, 12 September 2014

Today I Love | Kat Von D Tattoo Liner Pen

Who hasn't heard good things about the famous Kat Von D liner?? Well I am here to tell you that those good things are all true! This liner is just fabulous ...

Oh the nib, so sleek and precise! Until now I've only used the pots of gel with the little brush and the definition you can achieve with this pen in comparison just blows the gel pot out of the water.

I also have quite hooded eye lids, so I've always had to keep any eye liner really thin to avoid it rubbing off on my upper lid but I'd still manage to get a smudgy line appearing as the day went on. It was just unavoidable with any liner in the tiniest line but no more! The Kat Von D Liner dries perfectly, quickly and lasts all day! I've been having so much fun creating thicker liner shapes without the worry of any smudging, or any random line in the middle of my eye lid.

The amount of times I accidentally start to rub my eye during the day, forgetting my mascara and liner! But with this fabulous liner I'm always pleasantly surprised, after I've fumbled in my bag for a mirror expecting to see black smeared across my face, it's always looking as perfect as it did when I applied it.
Next time I have the opportunity to get to a Sephora, or someone can on my behalf, I'm going to be buying a lifetime supply of this beautiful liner! I anticipate never using another liner again!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Lush Haul

I adore Lush! Their products and shop smell divine. They have a wonderful ethos. Fabulous branding and packaging. They're just great. I went through a phase a couple of years ago, when I was working two jobs and had a little more change in my back pocket, of purchasing quite a few of their products. But since I had to cut down to part time don't cha know, I've not been in!
August was my birthday month and I had a wonderful time and got some beautiful present and a little bit extra spending money and I knew straight away where I wanted to go and treat myself ...

There's just so much choice in Lush, it's overwhelming! I could have walked out with one of everything, but as I'm about to become a student with a small very tight budget. I decided to be selective!

Avobath Bath Bomb
You can't go shopping in Lush and not buy a bath bomb! It would be a crime. I went for this Avobath bomb with refreshing lemongrass and bergamot oils and moisturizing avocado and olive oil. It sounded like the perfect soothing, revitalising pre winter bath!

Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub
I love a good exfoliating scrub. My skin never feels better than once I've cleared away all that dead skin and dirt. It's one of the most essential parts of my skincare routine for me. This one smells so refreshing with the sea salt and grapefruit, right up my alley. I do love how you can try out the products right there on your own skin in Lush. This scrub is feels nice and gentle, not too abrasive. I'm really excited to start using it, I'm already anticipating a new favourite!

Magnificent Soap
Lastly I picked up a small block of the Magnificent Soap. I've got my own little en suite when I go to university in a couple of days so I thought having a nice bar of soap in my bathroom would feel like a nice luxury. This one is fruity and tropical with dried mango and Sicilian lemon oil, perfect! These bars of soap are great because you can slice them up into smaller chunks so they last longer.

What are your favorite Lush products?? I'd love some recommendations ...

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Today I Love | Bath & Body Works Lemon Hand & Body Cream

In fitting with the name of my blog, I bring you the 'Today I Love' series. Just whenever I come across something I really love, I'll be letting you guys know about it!
To kick start it all I've got this Hand and Body Cream from Bath & Body Works in Meyer Lemon ... 

I just adore the scent of Lemon's. The Meyer Lemon Candle is one of my all time favorites; so this cream is right up my alley, I just can't stop sniffing it!
It's a Hard Working Cream that contains 7 intensely moisturizing ingredients that leaves skin feeling beautifully soft and it smells beautiful! I've been applying a little bit to my arms, elbows and knees in the morning after the shower.  It's great on those patches of stubborn dry skin and the fresh citrus smell lingers while I'm putting on my make up. Extra bonus, it's not sticky or greasy! So I don't feel like I have to stand around drip drying before I can get dressed!