about me

Welcome to my little slice of the blogosphere. My name is Emily, I'm 22 and just finished my first year doing Illustration at university. I just moved in with my boyfriend, into our first house.

I'm all round creative, jack of all trades. I started my blog in the summer 2014 as a place to share the thing's I love in life and combine all the thing's I'm passionate about.

Day's out to places, my favourite spot's to spend a sunny day; thing's I like to watch on a rainy day and a whole manner of other bits and bobs, thoughts and rambles from my every day life.

I'm defiantly a novice in this area, but I do love reading about beauty. I don't have any big budget's but I still like to babble my inexperienced thoughts on the bits I put on my face. And who can resist pretty make up in pretty packaging, not me!

I love clothes! I love shopping, fashion and putting together ensembles and look's. I lack in the area of self confidence, but follow my journey to break away from my uniform of jeans and converse with inspirational posts and hauls.

I've just moved in with my boyfriend into our first house! As a self confessed Pinterest addict, I can't not unleash my inner DIY goddess on this building.

This is why I'm not skinny, damn it! I like cooking, baking and eating too much! But whenever I find a recipe I truly adore, I'll be sure to share it here.