Friday, 20 February 2015

Life Rambles & a Home Décor Mood Board

I've been very MIA this month in the blogging sphere. Honestly, university all got a bit much at the beginning of February and I needed some major time off from life. My wonderful boyfriend sent me some pennies and told me to get my butt on a train home for some much needed emotional R&R!
So the last few week's have been all about catching up on uni work and getting myself back on track, greatly helped by a lovely 4 year anniversary weekend with my partner in crime.
But the best news, probably of the year, was that this week my boyfriend has bought his first house and I'm going to be moving in with him in a few months after my first year at university finishes.
I can't express how freaking excited I am! We lived together for over a year in rented accommodation before I made the decision to give university a go, so being apart has been really tough.
I'm really hoping that for my second year to give commuting a try; although it's an 1hr 40 min commute, which is probably a bit mad, it is only two days a week! I think living in my own place with my best friend will greatly, greatly improve my university experience (I've really not enjoyed my time in halls).

It's a lovely terraced house and I just can't wait to get stuck in to decorating. Get some paint on the walls, put our stamp on the place and fill it with pretty things. Oh and I'm itching to try some up cycling! Very appropriate for our bank balance.
So browsing home décor on the world wide web (especially Pinterest) has become, even more, of a favourite pass time this week! I love mood boards; sometimes you know all the little elements of design that you like in your head but it's another thing to see them together in one collection. Then you can really begin to edit down and create a cohesive theme.
I know I love my neutrals. I'm completely infatuated with oak wood's and don't get me started on my deep rooted attraction to greige! Because I'm so naturally drawn to neutral's I'm aware I need to break it up with at least a bit of colour, urgh, and lots and lots of texture. I'm really attracted to green, mossy greens; and any kind of pink/berry/plum/lavender/purple shades too. I'm surprised how coherent and sophisticated the mood board looks!
I'm excited to sit down and really figure out what I'd like to do for each room, it's going to be so much fun!! Some thing's like the Laura Ashley Olivia Overmantle Mirror and the Hascombe Artichoke Ceramic Lamp Base's, which I just can't get enough of, are definitely going to be outside of our budget to start with. I'm thinking the mirror will be great inspiration for an up cycle project.
It's going to be a long time till I can own a Kitchen Aid Mixer but a girl can dream! Good old elbow grease will have to make my baked confectioneries for now, sigh.
I know our first job will be to make a list of what we need and prioritise the essentials and the desirables. This adorable Ceramic Pizza Plate really isn't essential but I will own it one day!! (aaaand probably never use it!)
I would just love to christen our first home with a Jo Malone Candle but again I think saner heads will prevail on where about that falls on the list.
I'm hoping that decorating a place with my boyfriend won't mean too many clashes on taste. One thing we can NEVER agree on when we go home furnishing browsing or swing by Homesense is clocks!
I think there will be many clock dilemmas to come in 2015. One thing we both LOVED when we saw it in Debenhams was this Vintage Mechanical Scale, so perfect. I think he's quite happy for me to take the reigns on the overall design stuff, he'll just give his approval before he unleashes me on the house.

Anyway, I really could natter on and on about house and décor things all day!

I'll be sure to share the whole decorating process right here.
So stay tunes; there'll be homewear hauls, upcycling attempts and hopefully lot's of interiors spam!

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