Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Today I Love | Bath & Body Works Lemon Hand & Body Cream

In fitting with the name of my blog, I bring you the 'Today I Love' series. Just whenever I come across something I really love, I'll be letting you guys know about it!
To kick start it all I've got this Hand and Body Cream from Bath & Body Works in Meyer Lemon ... 

I just adore the scent of Lemon's. The Meyer Lemon Candle is one of my all time favorites; so this cream is right up my alley, I just can't stop sniffing it!
It's a Hard Working Cream that contains 7 intensely moisturizing ingredients that leaves skin feeling beautifully soft and it smells beautiful! I've been applying a little bit to my arms, elbows and knees in the morning after the shower.  It's great on those patches of stubborn dry skin and the fresh citrus smell lingers while I'm putting on my make up. Extra bonus, it's not sticky or greasy! So I don't feel like I have to stand around drip drying before I can get dressed!

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