Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Apple, Cinnamon, Date and Fig Crumble Squares

Being at university, one of the biggest things I'm missing is baking! Having my stock of ingredients, equipment and the oven I'm used to (there's no way I'm putting anything more complex than a frozen pizza in my questionable student hall oven!)
Definitely my favorite Autumn/Winter desert is the crumble! Apple crumble, apple and blackcurrant, apple and rhubarb; any combination of fruit I can get my hands on! Warm and served with ice cream - perfect!

These slices are great for taking with you on your day, wrapped up in some paper or foil; serving with tea in the afternoon, or even warmed with some ice cream on a cold evening like the classic crumble and offer complete flexibility on fruits and flavors. They are so delicious, easy to make and went down a storm with my taste testers!

I started with this recipe from BBC Good Food for an apple and raspberry crumble slice. Unfortunately when I went shopping for my ingredients there were no raspberries to be found (it was late on a Thursday night after I got off my train from uni, keen bean) so improvisation would be mantra of the day!
The revisions/additions I ended up making to the recipe with what I had were to add dried figs and dates, which I came across in the cupboard, instead of the raspberries; and to add a more rich Autumnal vibe I softened the apples in 2 tsp of cinnamon, 1 tsp nutmeg and 1 tsp dark muscovado sugar (I think any grade of a brown sugar would work well here if you don't have the dark muscavado to hand)
This really adds flavor to the slices and I don't think there's any better combination than apple and cinnamon. The figs and dates just add a bit more variety to the slices, as the apple blends into the sponge it's nice to get a bite of something else and they add a bit of visual interest too!
I also added a sprinkle of oats to the top of the crumble, again this is something I picked up when making crumbles to add some more texture and enhance the topping.

Using the BBC Good Food recipe for a base you really could experiment with what fruits and flavors you use. It's a really great recipe that I will definitely be reaching for again.

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