Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Autumn Nails | Natural Collection Cosmic Crush

Autumn is well ant truly here, in fact the festive season is looming; only a few weeks away and I haven't even started my Christmas shopping! I've not really been in the mood so far to paint my nails in an obligatory dark autumnal shade yet. But yesterday I decided I needed to see something of the outside world ... and I wanted cake! (Check out my Instagram for the DElish Costa gingerbread muffin I tried - foodgasm!) So I swung by Boot's, just to browse and see if I could make use of the current 3 for 2 offer ... again!
Being a student my money is mostly budgeted for the important things; food, bills, train tickets home. Make up, nail polish and clothes don't really feature prominently on any kind of essentials list, I need a job asap guys. When I do decide that I need something outside of the essentials spectrum, the cheaper the better! At £1.99, the Natural Collection polishes are a massive tick in that box! I've never tried any of these before but when Cosmic Crush caught my eye I decided it would be a chance to rectify that.
This polish is a beautiful iridescent purple; transitioning from quite a warm plum tone through to a midnight navy/purple with a lovely sheen and the most subtle shimmer. I urge you to have a nosy at this shade when your next on a trip to Boot's because photo's of this polish (especially mine taken on my iPhone) will never quite do it justice as seeing it in real life will.
The price is of course amazing, but for £1.99 I was already anticipating that it wasn't going to be the easiest to apply. I actually was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the polish it's self. The tricky part for me was the brush ... Oh dear the brush, it might just have been a bad one that I had but there were bristles sticking out in any which direction. It was a bit of a pain so I ended up trimming some of them off. I found that the polish came up very streaky when trying to apply a thin layer, I don't think the brush was much help here. But when applying a thicker layer it evened its self out nicely and actually dried pretty quickly!
I used it with my Barry M clear top and base coat so I'm hoping that will give the polish some longevity. But overall I'm really in love with this polish! I adore the colour and, as you can see, I love how it look's with my khaki parker. It's the most affordable polish in the drugstore and if you've got the patience when applying it I think it pays off. Thumbs up from me!
Has anyone else tried these little polishes?? I'd love to know what you think ...

Oh, and another highlight of my day - finding out I have £8 worth of points on my Boot's card!
Has anyone ever had that happen to them?? Best feeling in the world!

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