Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Topshop Spring Ensemble • Wardrobe Aspirations #1

2015 feels like the year of that my wardrobe is really going to grow up. I don't know what it is, I'm just ready to leave behind the converse and jeans combo that's been my uniform since I was about 13!
I'm newly in love with brogues, big structured handbags and smart chic spring coats.
A little preppy, a little vintage but still comfy and casual. There's been LOTS of Pinterest browsing and internet perusing to figure out my new wardrobe appetite. I put this ensemble together from Topshop; I'm really feeling the black, khaki, camel and tan combination! It feels neutral, which is comfortable for me but still colours that I wouldn't have looked twice at before this year.
It's still pretty grim outside, the wind and rain is absolutely assaulting my bedroom window as I type this, so light layers are the way to go. When the winter wind dies down, a big floppy hat like this is great to keep the newly emerging sun out of your eyes; while providing moderate protection from the freak rainy moments that can strike out of nowhere! I think any pop of nail polish colour would work with this neutral outfit but I came across Topshop's War Paint on Pinterest and I'm in love!
It's the perfect bright red that dances over to the peach/pink side of things; and although it's no longer available on Topshop's website it can be found on Feel Unique, so get your butt over there if you like it! I really enjoy putting look's together in this way so definitely stay tunes for more, yay!

What are your Spring style obsessions??


  1. i love the hat in this look!
    i have never shopped at top shop, ever. i think that needs to change.

    now following your pretty blog! ciao, xo

    1. It's great isn't it!
      Oh no, you should definitely go stop by one ;)

      Aw, thankyou!
      Following back :) x