Thursday, 25 June 2015

Life Update, 70's Off The Shoulder & Pining for Japan

Um, yes ... a month since my last post. Blogging fail! I didn't intend to take a months hiatus, but moving house is SOO time consuming. Me and my bf Carl are now recognisable regulars at our local Homebase and B&Q! So ... many ... paint ... samples! 
Moving into the house has been so much fun, and I've been working on a couple of out of the blue projects. Doing all the visual design work for a cycling project in my local area and a food photography commission for the bakery I used to work in. Both have involved me learning/making it up as I go along, but it's been fun to say yes to things I didn't think I could do (and have them turn out pretty decent if I do say so myself)
My desk in the house is still a work in progress; although hopefully it will be done soon and then it's time to knuckle down to my summer illustration project and jump back on the blogging train! Yay!

Anyway, on to today's 'What I Wish I Was Wearing Today' (mm WIWIWWT?? Can I make this a thing) I'm currently still in my pyjamas and Carl's dressing gown btw ha! ... The first official day of summer is here and it's warm enough now for me to consider going shopping for some summer appropriate attire. Didn't think I'd be feeling any of the 70's trend but I am in LOVE with off the shoulder floaty tops, fringing and hats. Yes Mum, you heard right! (Ah, so much of my childhood consisted of her trying to get me to wear effing hats)
But I'm officially on the hunt for my perfect fedora. Also a strapless bra ... the only downside to all these off the shoulder tops if your a bit bigger in the boob department.
One item from this look I do own as of last month, and have been wearing every day since they arrived are my Salt Water sandals. Last summer it was all about my Birkenstocks, which I still adore to the ends of the earth, but right now the spotlight is on these new tan leather beauties. Comfy, cute and a little retro looking with some rolled up jeans. I'm in love!

This month has also been the month of picking back up with my Japanese. I went on a trip to Japan in 2009 (can't believe it was that long ago!) with my family to visit a University friend of my Mum's who lives there. So started my love affair of the country. Since then I've on and off tried learning the language with out much success. But after seeing Carrie of wishwishwish's posts of her travels there, her guide to tokyo; Lisa Eldridge's Japanese makeup look and discovering the adorable Hayley Miller, a teacher on the JET program in Japan; it's all rekindled my love and passion for the country, culture and the language. I was totally obsessed with Japan when I got back from our trip over 5 years ago (All my A level Art and Textiles project's were inspired by Japan) but at the time I didn't have any friend's who shared my interests in Anime, cute Gyaru girls and sushi. I wish I'd had, pardon my English, the ball's to peruse my passion for Japan then and looked for opportunities maybe to study at higher education (I didn't even suspect or consider this until meeting student's learning Japanese at my university last year) But now I'm a bit older and so much more confident in myself I'm determined to pick up learning the language again. And start saving for another trip there asap ...

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