Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Body Shop Haul

I always used to love going into The Body Shop with my Mum when I was a kid. I used to run around smelling all the different soaps and bottles. It's taken till now for me to really shop for myself in their beautiful, heavenly, fruit bowl scented, wonderland of a shop!
This pay day I decided to go and treat myself to some things ...

I have had several of their shower gels before, gifts for Christmas and Birthdays. So I know I love them! But this Papaya Shower Gel I don't think I've come across before in store until it was reduced in the sale. It smells amazing! So fresh, fruity and tropical! I'd normally gravitate towards the citrus scented products but I'm glad I picked this up. Think it's going to be my new favourite!

Peach is one of my favourite scents! So when I decided I wanted to try something from their perfume range this Peach Body Mist really caught my eye, or nose I should say! Do I need to say it smells beautiful, although I don't know how well it lasts on me. I've been keeping it in my bag to spritz before work or meeting friends so I smell fresh. While it smells beautiful after the initial spray, it's not very detectable to my nose minutes later. Maybe it is to others!

Ah the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder! Who hasn't heard about this product from those who rave about it? I'm a big fan of Essiebutton, and if you know her youtube or blog you'll know how she loves this bronzer - so much that it even said so on the stand in the shop! She is the driving force behind my decision to purchase this! I think I'm in love too. I went for the shade '02 Fair Matte' and its working out really nicely on my skin tone. I've been using it as a light contour under my cheekbone and around my temples. I may do an updates post on it when I've used it some more if it doesn't end up in my monthly favourites!
Finally I really wanted to try something from their skin care selection. I opted to try their Vitamin C Range. In my local Body Shop they had these three products, the Cleansing Polish, Daily Moisturiser and Skin Reviver, available together at a reduced price; £36 worth for £25! It was too much of a bargain for me to not pass up and the perfect way to sample a range for the first time. I'm not going too much about what I think of these products just yet! I'm going to save that for a proper review soon, but initially they all smell wonderful and feel so refreshing on the skin! Enjoying already ...


  1. I also love the body shop! Their vitamin c range is def my favourite as well because vitamin c is perfect for treating blemished skin and getting rid of weird pigmentation problems! But recently I've been addicted to like sweet food pseudo smells from bath and body works LOL. They have a macaroon body wash set. Ahaha. Btw lovely theme/ blog layout!

    Lets keep in touch and follow each other on bloglovin! I always follow back!

    Love from Canada,
    Marie from

    1. Ooo, macaroon body wash?? That sounds heavenly! I love anything sweet, fruity or foody from Bath & Body Works (They need to get to the UK asap!) <3
      Aww, thank you Marie I'm glad you like it :)

      Yes! I would love that, thanks again!