Monday, 7 July 2014

What's In My Bag: Mini Summer Essentials

I do love getting a look into other peoples bags. Seeing what they love to carry around in their day to day basis. I'm a nosy lass in essence! So I thought it would be fun to share what can be found in my current favourite bag ...

The bag is from Topshop's Real Leather range. I bought it off eBay a couple of months ago before I went on holiday to Paris. We were going to be doing lots of sight seeing and Disneyland, excited squeal, so I needed something small and light weight that wouldn't be too heavy with all the walking and getting on rides at the theme park. Just to carry my essentials. It have quickly become one of my favourite bags. It's so cute! I love the tassel and the weave detail. Gives it a bohemian vibe. Now a little run down of the contents ...
Dove Go Fresh Deodorant; I always carry  either deodorant, body spray or perfume with me! I don't have a car and my constant walking from place to place ... well it can cause one to perspire somewhat! I feel a lot happier knowing I can spritz myself with something when I reach my destination, even if it's just so I can feel a bit fresher; especially in the summer months! This mini Pomegranate and Lemon deodorant from Dove is perfect for this small bag and smells beautiful.
Keys; Without which I would be locked out of my parents house! Which is where I am currently living before I go to University this September. I love having key chains to decorate my keys, I like to collect them from places I've been. I'm currently sporting these adorable Hello Kitty Japanese phone charms, one of which I picked up on a family holiday there in 2009 (gosh, how time flies), and my new Disneyland Paris charm featuring Mickey and the Eiffel Tower.
Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer; I don't tend to carry hand sanitizer on a day to day basis but I like to have it on me if I'm on a day out somewhere new. There's nothing worse than a public loo with no soap! This one in Island Margarita smell's so tropical and fresh. It's perfect for summer.
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss; One of my favourite summer lipsticks is this Rimmel one in #16. It's the perfect bright peachy pink. Its found it's way into my bag of late, when I want to add a pop of colour to my often neutral outfits.
Lipsmacker Lipbalm in Kiwi; If there's anything I can't have enough of is lipbalms! I recently bought a few from Topshop in a few flavours and I'm loving this one at the moment. Super moisturising, super summery!
Aviator Sunglasses; I can not go out in the sunshine without some eye wear. If I don't I look like I've got a twitch with all the squinting and blinking! These are my favourites right now, the classic aviator. These I just picked up from Newlook, they were really affordable at only £3.99, and they have lasted really well too!
2nd Generation Ipod Nano; As I've mentioned I do a lot of walking places and I really could not survive without my beloved Ipod! I enjoy the outdoors but don't enjoy the commute by foot without something to keep me entertained. I love my music but I often listen to audiobooks nowadays, I'm a little too impatient and busy to sit and read! I am nowhere without this baby!
Soap&Glory One Heck of a Blott Powder; Another essential for my bag when the sun comes out and I have to walk around in it! This is excellent for mattifying a slightly shiny face! If you'd like to read more about why I love this product, check out my post on it.
Hair bobbles; For those hair emergencies when it's just too hot to have your flowing locks down around your neck or, as this is England, the heavens open!
Spare change; I say I walk everywhere but sometimes I do cave and catch the bus ... or need a snack! This bag is a tad small to fit a purse in it, so I tend to keep excess change and couple of bank cards in the inside pocket.
I hope you've enjoyed the guided tour of the inside of my little summer bag! I'd love to know what your summer bag essential is? Comment below ... 


  1. Love this post! :) Your bag is so cute! My summer bag essential would have to be a chapstick inside of my bag at all times. :)

  2. Thank you Lauren <3
    Oh yes, the more chapsticks the better!